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 November 5, 2019
 12:00PM-3:50 PM

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Sessions & Schedule

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

  • 12:00pm-12:50pm

    Donor Retention: Your Number One Goal for 2020

    Equip your organization to succeed by increasing revenue through sound strategies and best practices that focus on boosting donor retention. See the data behind what makes donor retention such a crucial metric to keep tabs on and grow and learn how to measure and monitor your donor retention rate using DonorPerfect.

  • 1:00pm-1:50pm

    Building the Ideal Donor Journey

    In this session, you’ll map out a donor journey by adopting a donor-centric perspective of your nonprofit’s engagement strategy. From first touches like your website and appeals to anytime opportunities like thank yous, events, and newsletters, you’ll learn how to craft a donor journey that results in what’s most important to your donors: meaningful relationships.

  • 2:00pm-2:50pm

    Building a Monthly Giving Program

    Up to 90% of monthly donors who join your monthly giving program this year will keep giving next year. This session will take you step-by-step through setting up a monthly program with DonorPerfect and marketing it to your donor base as the easiest, most effortless way to support your cause for the long haul.

  • 3:00pm-3:50pm

    Thank You Letters that Retain Donors

    When you let donors know just how game-changing their donations are, they’re much more likely to keep on giving. Learn how to write memorable, personalized thank-you letters that give your donors the good vibes they long for when they take the time and effort to give. Because timeliness is everything, this session will also cover how to create and send your thank yous in a flash using DonorPerfect.